nazwa koszt/utrzym. punkty badan rodzaj Opis
Air Magic
level 1
Vaporize 4 50 Combat Damages units by turning parts of them into vapor.
Chain Lightning 8 60 Combat Discharges a streaming arc of electrical energy at an enemy and through up to three other beings near the initial target.
Bird's View 8 70 Global Allows caster see the details of terrain at a great distance around themselves.
Haste 10 / 5 60 Unit Allows the target unit to move at a great speed.
level 2
Winds of Fury 12 120 Combat Summons a turbulent wind storm, hurtling the target away, and damaging flying units.
Cold Breath 16 110 Combat Blast a short-ranged areawith a cone of frigid, frozen air.
Freeze Water 28 125 Global Freezes a small area of water, rendering it solid enough to mwalk over.
Summon Great Eagle 38 / 6 130 Global Summons the speed and scouting ability of Great Eagle.
level 3
Shock Wave 22 190 Combat Blast the air around the spell-caster with shocwaves of ever expanding sonic destruction.
Wind Walking 44 / 8 245 Unit Bestows flight upon flightless.
Call Hero 52 270 Global Summons a random hero to the vicinity of the spell-caster. Hero may serve for a fee, if conditions are diplomatically favorable.
Tornado 56 280 Global Invokes a vortex over the target party, hurling some or all members far away. Most effective against lower-level units positioned in plains.
level 4
Lightning Storm 80 340 Global Gathers a massive eletrical storm over an area, striking units and damaging structures within the area of effect.
Watcher 110 / 8 320 Global Summons a magical entity that watches over a large area. Watchers can see concealed or invisible enemies.
Summon Air Elemental 194 / 12 325 Global Summons an ethereal Air Elemental.
Air Mastery 360 / 25 600 Global Air shifts to the caster's favor. Ships and fliers move at double speed, movement for similar enemies is halved. Earth spells cost double.
Earth Magic
level 1
Slow 3 40 Combat Halves the target's mobility for the duration of combat.
Entangle 6 65 Combat Attemps to ensnare a target by summoning grasping tentacles, which restrict all movement and lower Defense (-2).
Stone Skin 8 / 5 50 Unit Hardens the target unit's body, increasing Defence (+2).
Summon Boar 25 / 4 40 Global Summons a wild boar.
level 2
Stoning 9 58 Combat Lobs stones at the target over long distances.
Free Movement 12 / 4 120 Unit Endows a unit with extreme agility, as if they possessed mountaineering, cave-crawling, and forestry skill.
Poison Plants 32 140 Global Sprouts a barrier of poisonous vegetation. Units passing through the plants suffer poison damage.
Gold Rush 40 / 10 90 Global Doubles a town's gold income!
level 3
Tremors 30 300 Combat Violently shakes the whole battelfield, causing horrible damage to structure.
Concealment 36 / 5 230 Unit Gives the target unit the ability to travel unseen in densely vegetated terrain.
Level Terrain 52 160 Global Levels the earth to plains, removing all earth-based obstacles, such as, mountains and hills.
Enchanted Roads 80 / 10 280 Global Reduces the movement cost by one third for all units traveling by foots on road.
level 4
Town Quake 95 300 Global Triggers an earthquake underneath the target town, damaging the city and any garrisoned units.
Raise Terrain 85 200 Global Raises mountains from the earth in targetes areas.
Summon Earth Elemental 196 / 12 300 Global Summons a hardened Earth Elemental.
Earth Mastery 360 / 55 280 Global Forces of Earth envelop the land, granting friendly units Stone Skin, ans doubling the cost of Air spells.
Water Magic
level 1
Ooze 6 60 Combat Changes a battlefield into a sticky mud. Movement speed on ooze-covered terrain is halved.
Ice Shards 8 55 Combat Flings jagged shards of ice at long distances at a single target.
Healing Water 10 65 Unit Restores all lost hit points to a unit.
Summon Frog 23 / 4 40 Global Summons an amphibious Giant Frog.
level 2
Geyser 12 120 Combat Invokes a massive geyser under the target, hurling it to great height, then letting it drop with much physical distress.
Frost Beam 14 120 Combat Icy water pours down, attempting to freeze units in the target area in block of ice.
Water Walking 14 / 4 80 Unit Allows any land-based unit to traverse water.
Vortex 25 130 Global Churns a whirling vortex in the water, damaging all water-based units caught therein.
level 3
Healing Showers 24 170 Global Restores the vigor in both units and lands, by a gentle rain of refreshing pure water.
Great Hail 30 180 Combat Rains heavy hailstones upon the target area, damaging both units and structures.
Liquid Form 30 / 12 180 Unit Links the target unit to Plane of Water, enabling it to swim, and reducing damage from physically-based attacks.
Fountain of Life 80 / 8 220 Global Creates a fountain in a town, which heals all units that enter. Wounded units residing in the city are healed at the end of every turn.
level 4
Ice Storm 105 300 Global Summons a massive blizzard, covering an area with ice and freezing water solid. Units caught in the storm suffer cold damage.
Flood 380 / 30 480 Global Invokes a great flood. Existing bodies of water surge over their shores dramatically changing the landscape.
Summon Water Elemental 185 / 12 250 Global Summons a flowing Water Elemental.
Water Mastery 360 / 25 600 Global Forces of Water envelop the land. All Fire spells cost double. Thick mist halves vision for all enemies.
Fire Magic
level 1
Flaming Arrow 4 50 Combat Launches a flaming arrow with a solid core at a distant target.
Call Flames 6 55 Combat Targeted area bursts into flames. Flammable materials ignite and burn.
Fury 7 / 2 50 Unit Instills unit with a destructive rage, battering its ability to Attack (+2), but leaving weakening Defense (-1).
Summon Fire Sprite 35 / 6 65 Global Summons the playful Fire Sprite.
level 2
Fire Halo 15 / 4 70 Unit Links a unit to the Plane of Fire, giving it fire immunity, fire strike, and the ability to ignite flammable material.
Fire Breath 16 110 Combat Dirrects a torrent of fire at the caster's target, igniting object at its path.
Swarm 18 85 Combat A group of fireflies attacks the target unit, and any nearby beings, without discrimination.
Cloud of Ashes 27 / 6 110 Global Causes the belching forth of a thick ashen cloud, concealing all units within.
level 3
Fireball 20 160 Combat Throws a powerful ball of fire at the target area, igniting flammable materials and damaging walls.
Sacrificial Flame 22 180 Combat Channels flames through the caster causing him minute damage while devastating a target area with power greatly amplified.
Fire Barrier 45 / 5 210 Global Ignites great stretches of terrain with raging flames. All units passing through the fire are subject to fire damage.
Anarchy 48 210 Global Incities the citizens of targeted city into rebellion. Only a well-armed force can hold a city against Anarchy.
level 4
Fire Storm 105 300 Global Invokes a massive firestorm. All units within the area of effect suffer fire damage. Wild fires persist and burn.
Warmonger 110 / 12 240 Global Causes all units produced at a town to start at the veteran (silver medal) experience level.
Summon Fire Elemental 185 / 12 250 Global Summons the dangerous power of a Fire Elemental.
Fire Mastery 260 / 20 600 Global Forces of Fire sear the minds of all. Unaligned troops pillage and ransack their neighbors. Water spells cost double.
Life Magic
level 1
Solar Flare 4 50 Combat Projects a blast of Holy fire at a target.
Remedy 8 60 Unit Removes all non-magical handicaps from the target unit and heals (+5 HitPoints).
Bless 10 / 4 60 Unit Shields a unit with holiness, giving additional Defense (+1), Resistance (+1), and Protection from Death-based Attacks.
Rejuvenate 12 45 Global Rejuvenates desert, steppe, ice, and wasteland to fertile grassland.
level 2
Turn Undead 11 90 Combat Hits Undead at the core of their being, right where it hurts them the most.
Recall Spirits 20 140 Combat Recalls the spirits of slain units in the form of Spirits Puppets.
Holy Champion 25 / 8 140 Unit Bestows Holy might with which a unit may strike against any evil being with increased Attack (+2) and Damage (+2) force.
Holy Woods 30 120 Global Sprouts trees that radiate holy power. All evil units passing through the woods suffer holy damage.
level 3
High Prayer 30 185 Combat Petitions the forces of the heavens to help all friendly units, increasing Attack (+1), Damage (+1), Defense (+1), and Resistance (+1) powers.
Sacred Wrath 30 170 Combat Calls upon the wrath of the heavens to strike all units on the field of battle.
Tranquility 60 / 8 275 Global Envelops the land with a sense of harmony. Relations between races improve and unrest in town decreases.
Resurrect Hero 66 220 Global Resurrects a deceased Hero. Dying causes a Hero to rethink his loyalty, and he requires gold to rekindle his allegiance.
level 4
Divine Storm 105 300 Global Blankets an area with a tempest of Holy energy. Terrain sprouts verdant plant life. Affected units are exposed to holy damage.
Crusade 280 420 Global Causes the independent forces of light to mount attacks on all forces of darkness.
Summon Gold Dragon 210 / 8 320 Global Summons one of the divine Gold Dragons.
Life Mastery 360 / 55 600 Global All friendly units are blessed. Enemy creatures of evil alignment must resist or suffer Fear. Death spells cost double.
Death Magic
level 1
Death Ray 4 38 Combat Attack a distant enemy with a ray of death force.
Disease Cloud 9 52 Combat Envelopes the target area in a deadly cloud of disease.
Dark Gift 10 / 3 55 Unit Gives a single unit Death Strike and +1 to damage.
Summon Black Spider 35 / 6 60 Global Summons a giant Black Spider to fight for the caster.
Terror 15 110 Combat Frightens enemy units on the battlefield, gripping them with a paralyzing fear.
Animate Dead 20 140 Combat Animates the remains of the fallen on the battlefield.
Unholy Champion 25 / 8 140 Unit Bestows upon the target unit unholy might when fighting opponents of good alignment, increasing Attack (+2) and Damage (+2) power.
Evil Woods 30 120 Global Sprouts a barrier of evil trees that radiate death. Good units passing through the woods suffer damage.
level 3
Mind Decay 28 190 Combat Spews forth dark spawn to attack and penetrate the target unit, consuming their will, as well as their body, over time.
Animate Ruins 42 230 Global Rebuilds a city to the player's race, and re-animates the population as skeleton warriors.
Pestilence 55 240 Global Spews forth a cloud of pestilence. All units within the cloud suffer poison damage. The cloud drifts in a random direction each turn.
Animate Hero 66 220 Global Brings a fallen Hero back from death. Animated heroes demand gold to join, as if the caster didn't already do them a favor.
level 4
Death Storm 105 300 Global Swallows the land in a violent storn of corruption, changing terrain blackened wasteland. Units within the storm suffer death-based damage.
Hatred 110 / 10 210 Global Causes all race relations to decay, wounding alliances and destroying the chance of friendly encounters with independents.
Summon Black Dragon 210 / 12 320 Global Summons the most evil of the dragonkind.
Death Mastery 360 / 35 600 Global Forces of darkness envelop the land, unexploring terrain, cursing good units, and doubling the cost of Life spells.
Cosmos Magic
level 1
Dispel Magic 5 50 Unit Attemps to remove enchantments from a selected unit.
Enchant Weapon 10 / 2 50 Unit Enchants a unit's striking attack with a magical quality, as well as increasing Attack (+1) and Damage (+1) power.
level 2
Warp Party 22 180 Global Teleports the caster's party to a random location on the land. Warp party is a fast, but risky method of exploration or escape.
Disjunction 25 120 Global Attemps to remove opponent's global enchantment.
level 3
Town Gate 50 210 Global Instantly transports caster's party to a town under the player's control.
Anti Magic Shell 76 / 8 260 Global Creates a powerful dampening field upon a targeted city, making the area immune to the forces of magic.
level 4
Power Leak 110 / 10 210 Global Sends the mystic forces of the arcane back from whence they came, halving the magic power of all players.
Spell Ward 130 / 15 300 Global Limits use of global enchantments. Opponents cannot cast or disjunct any global spells, unless the Spell Ward is first removed.
Secret Magic
Conceal Area 5 (70) Global
(lev 1)
Makes a wide area centered on the caster appear dark, as if unexplored, to all other players.
Cosmagic Surgery 10 (0) Unit
(lev 2)
Alters the appearance of any unit, by the use of forbidden magic too ominous to discuss at any great length.
Summon Mermaid 26 / 3 (125) Global
(lev 2)
Summons a Mermaid.
Summon Syron 285 / 16 (450) Global
(lev 4)
Summons a powerful, mysterious Syron.

Apropo punktów badań dla czarów Secret Magic - nie można ich oczywiście odkryć, ale tyle kosztują w Wieży Magów, jeśli mamy możliwość je kupić. Poza tym jeden z nich powinien być chyba 3-go poziomu, ale nie wiem który, więc zostawiłem jak jest.