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This site is about Wizardry 7. You can find here informations about items, monsters, locations, spells, player characters and others.

Legal notice

The name Wizardry is a trademark and/or registered trademark of the Sir-Tech Company or its successors. Images used on this website are part of the game and are also property of the Sir-Tech Company.

This site was made as a "fansite" and author (i.e. me) has no benefits from creating and maintaining this website.

Author's note

My native language is polish and my english is not very good, therefore I apologise for any language mistakes.

I made this website, because I love to play Wizardry 7 but I missed much a knowledge base like Flamestryke's Wizardry 8 page.

This is link to my homepage, where you can find links to other pages about another games. My homepage is in polish, but links are to pages written (mostly) in english, so don't be affraid (especially that most of the game names should be familiar to you).